[Everyone] Re: InnovationPortal issues

Tue Jul 23 13:33:35 UTC 2013

Anyone else just get the email below from Tom? He must have sent it just
before he died and it's take all this time to get out of his computer.



IT Support Senior Executive







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Sent: 23 July 2013 14:20
To: Everyone in the office
Subject: [Everyone] InnovationPortal issues


Please note these are not due to "nonce" issues, as Sammy, Dean, Kharl or
Jeff may have told you on numerous support calls. They are down to the
Sharepoint Server Extreme! Pro 2013 upgrade that are going down, that you
were all notified about.


The InnovationPortal will be up at 1600GMT, weather permitting.




Tom A.

IT Support Senior Executive

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