[Everyone] Cloud stratefgy

Thu Sep 20 13:10:25 GMT 2012

Fellow bring-your-own-device lieutenants:

CorpExec would like to bring all of Pretend's online functions into
the "21st century" (HA HA) by upgrading our Internet to a Cloud. I'd
like to just take this opportunity to explain to everyone what that
will mean.

- In many ways, the Cloud is very similar to the Internet, except it
is on all devices. Therefore you can get Cloud on your phone, which
you couldn't do before with Internet.

- If your email has a "@" in it, your mailbox may need to be upgraded
to Cloud standards. Please contact IT if this applies to you.

- The Pretend Office website (hppt:/www.pretendoffice.com.uk) may be
offline for a brief period (no more than six weeks) while it is
upgraded for Cloud compatibility.

- Most important of all, Cloud means we can offer our own Pretend
services "in the Cloud", rather than "on the Internet". This has
massive implications for marketing and PR, as well as client upsell
opportunities. Those of you in client-facing roles should be on the
phone asap to your client contacts to arrange meetings regarding Cloud

- After the Cloud upgrade is complete, we will maintain Internet for
an undefined period before switching it off. After Internet is
switched off, you may RIGHT-click on the "Internet" on your desktop,
and move it to the Recycle Bin.

Please don't hestitate to ask if you have any further Cloud-relating questions.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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