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Tue Mar 20 13:17:10 GMT 2012

Thanks Giles,

The automatic email quota warning systems has never worked properly and has
never been able to do the same job as the old Counting Dept. Another example
of how computers have had a negative effect on productivity at PO. In the
past if you needed to know the amount of anything you just had to ask the
Counters. These days you either have to count things yourself or wait for a
warning that never arrives. They don't even teach kids counting at school
these days and the old Counting BA has gone from all but the top Unis.
Can you remind me what the email quotas are and I'll count mine this
afternoon and send a few all-staff emails if necessary to hit the targets.
If anyone else needs their emails counted let me know and I'll see how many
I'll can do before Friday. I think there should be a message from Level 6
warning staff who don't feel confident in counting not to attempt it as all
sorts can go wrong. Maybe there's a need for in-house counting training? I'm
happy to plan it.

As my mum always said..... One before two and not after three.

Paul Risk

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As you all know, our Lotus Notes email system uses a quota system to ensure
that we all stick to our email quota on a monthly basis.

It has come to our attention that some staff are not reaching their quota.
This must be remedied with immediate effect. If your Lotus Notes hasn't
warned you about reaching your email limit, it means you are not sending
enough emails. Please send more emails immediately.
Then we will reach our quota.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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