[Everyone] Zelda invited you to Circle

Sat Jul 14 15:09:18 GMT 2012

Dear Everyone,

Zelda vouched for you & invited you to be their friend on Circle.
Tap accept invitation from your phone & install the app to confirm your identity to join. 
The invite expires .

"Who's Around You?" The app that tells you when your friends or networks are near you.
To accept the invite, click http://discovercircle.com/m/JTx5F9?from_email=true

What is it?   http://www.discoverCircle.com
Please contact our CEO ( or his cell: 740.972.6939) if you experience anything less than perfect service.

To cancel reminder emails for this invite click here: http://discovercircle.com/discover_circle/cancel_email_reminders/JTx5F9

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