[Everyone] 2012 Sporting Event

Fri Jul 13 07:52:12 GMT 2012

Good morning Pretend Team.

Just wanted to go over a few things in advance of the "Sporting Event"
that's  happening soon. You all know what I'm talking about, but of
course I'm not aloud to mention it by name due to Data Protection

You will be pleased to know that Pretend has secured (at the last
minute) the exclusive Sporting Event contract to provide services in
the field that it's in.

The terms of the contract stipulates that Pretend is the ONLY
sanctioned supplier of services in the field that it's in, in all
parts of the Sporting Event Park and everywhere within a 12 mile
radius of the curly whirly sculpture thingy.

Should you notice any activity by other companies in our field,
anywhere within the Service Agreement Zone, during the duration of the
Games, please contact your Zone Captain or Boris Johnson. (Some of you
might remember Boris from his days as an Ideation Execution Executive
back in the 80s - what a pity his career went a bit downhill after he
left Pretend.)

Also, the Pretend official catchphrase is temporarily changing to:
"Pretend Office is the best company in the field that it's in FOR THE
OLYMPICS," but obviously don't say the "FOR THE OLYMPICS" bit until
they actually start, for Data Protection reasons. Until then, please
use the phrase "Pretend Office is the best company in the field that

Finally - those of you taking part in the opening ceremony should have
received your Pretend T-shirts by now. Please contact Louise in
reception if you've not had yours, she will happily give you one.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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