[Everyone] Olympic post-debrief wrap-up overview (FINAL).doc

Mon Aug 13 10:34:55 GMT 2012

Well done everybody on Team PO! We did an amazing job of organising
our section of the Olympic closing ceremony. Mr May told somebody who
passed the information on to me that he enjoyed both of his cups of
tea, so good work everyone! Special thanks to Louise on reception, who
had to drop everything and run to the nearest Stratford corner shop
when we realised that we'd forgotten to bring any milk.

We're hoping to submit a bid to provide tea, coffee and hot snacks to
celebrities (B-list category) at the Commonwealth Olympics in two
years from now. Needless to say, if you want to be involved in that
bid, make sure you're at the Olympic Debriefing session, which will be
held in the newly renamed Boris Johnson meeting room, which used to be
Eric Cantona.

Mr May did leave some of his Digestives, so if you arrive early, there
will be biscuits.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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