[Everyone] Say THANK YOU to a collueague TODAY! PERSON2PERSON-StaffBenefits-Redacted-FINAL.doc

Wed Oct 19 13:52:20 GMT 2011

Have you said "THANK YOU"? To a colleauge today?

People across the Pretend Family do amazing things every day, all
around the world. It's time we said "THANK YOU"? to them personally
and in person. So we have set up the PERSON2PERSON campaign, a global
employee recognition program to recognise these special achievements
with a personal note of thanks.

It's not enough for people to work harder. They deserve recognition.
Reward. Kudos.

Not just kudos, but what we called "KUDOS+" or simply "KUPLUS". (See
attached video.)

You should be able to earn KUPLUS irrespective of your position, job
grade, reporting relationship, business unit or geography. It is
instant, transparent, and personal.  There's no need for approval by a
Zone Captain. Eligibility is automatic.

Once you have recieved  six “thank-you”s or "KUPOINTS", your manager
will be notified, and you'll find a small reward in your payslip the
following month.*

What can you give KUPOINTS for?

Anything! Such as:

- demonstrating the Pretend Mindset in your daily work
- delivering excellent deliverables
- being exceptional to those around you
- having ideas that change everything
- filling the printer tray
- submitting your timesheets on time and in full

Our cultural change begins with you, right now, sitting at your
ProductionUnit and with your Zone Captain within shouting distance.
Award your colleguaes some KUPLUS today!!!

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

* Payslip rewards may not have any monetary value and are awarded at
the discretion of your Pay Authorization Marshall. Negative awards may
also be applied where KUPLUS is subtracted, becoming KUMINUS.

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