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We haven't upped our game for as long as I can remember so it's ridiculous
to start considering it now. The other companies you mention have an ethos
of upping their game and it fits their image, however, if a company like
Pretend just decides over night to up their game all hell would break loose.
We have never employed staff to up our game so it would be unfair to impose
such expectations on everyone without retraining.

Maybe before sending scare emails around like this you should consulate Phil
first who would have thrown the idea out without even listening to you.

Looking forward to Crackfax.


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Fellow timesheet-optimizers,

It's Time! To Up Our Game!

Our Game has been in the duldrums. There are too many
pitch-disappointment scenarios. We're not Playing our Game as well as
we could. For example, imagine our business is a Game of football:
we're not dribbling enough. We're not passing enough. We're spending
too much time in the shower, and not enough time on the pitch. We need
to get out there and kick our clients harder in order to win. That's
what we mean by Upping our Game.

Also, too many young upstart agencies like SPERB, KERM and BATTER are
coming along, stealing our ideas, and playing a better Game than us.
We need to beat them in the Game, even if it means cheating a bit.
Although they're the cheaters because they're stealing our ideas

That is all CorpExec has to say at this time.

Oh, and: this year we celebrate 146 years since the invention of the
fax. Friday drinks this week will be renamed Crackerfax, during which
we shall gather around the first floor fax machine (assuming it's
working; if it isn't, try the second floor fax machine).

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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