[Everyone] Pretend App-ice

Tom A.
Wed Nov 23 17:52:54 GMT 2011

Following the April 1st sweepstake, it has been declared that Pretend
will be working towards producing an official Pretend Office "app". IT
appear to have been given the responsibility of organising meeting
around this, although not steering it in any way.

With that in mind, we've been asked to provide input - from Pretend
Employees - as to what an ideal Pretend App would do. As such, there
will be a brainstorming meeting in Cosmo at half past four on
THURSDAY.  (Contrary to hearsay, it will not be in Dibbs, which is
occupied by a Desk Pilates session).

Please come and bring your best ideas. There will be biscuits.

(It's unclear as to whether or not Pretend is still a 'start-up', as
was claimed when this initiative was begun, but let's at least credit
everyone for trying to see this through to the end).

Tom A.
IT Support

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