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James W.
Wed May 11 13:31:31 GMT 2011

Dear Anno,

Many thanks for this invigorating initiative.

Can you clarify how this affects those of us in departments that were  
switched to Internet Time in 1999?

Thank you.


On Wed, 11 May 2011 13:21:27 +0100, Anno  wrote:

> Dear Colleagues
> As you may have noticed our time and motion partners Time Machine have
> been working with a number of departments over the last couple of
> months to give us insight into areas for increased process efficiency
> within the Pretend family.
> Before the delivery of the final report we have agreed to trial a
> couple of their headline suggestions. One of their preliminary
> findings is that while we in Pretend have a strong sense of time, if
> that time could be accelerated then productivity could be increased by
> up to 17% (department and activity dependant). This accelerated
> business time would be known as PretendTime and be yet another example
> of how we in Pretend are, quite literally, ahead of our competition.
> As a prototype to address embedding PretendTime we shall be installing
> metronomes on floors 2, 3, 17 and mezzanine 5 on Campus Too and in the
> whole of the Claire Baldwin building. These spaces will also be issued
> with new clocks and your computers will be reformatted to include the
> new "Pretend Hour" that the accelerated time will allow us all. The
> canteens in RedZone will also be metronomed and clock changed but not
> the cafe and breakout area in Zulu Dawn. The whole of the IT
> department, regardless of location will also be working to
> PretendTime.
> It is advised that if you are working cross-site that you ensure that
> you are meeting and working to the new time schema to avoid confusion.
> To help us assess the impact of PretendTime monitors will be reporting
> on these and non-pretendtime areas. Please make them feel welcome.
> Anno
> Anno MCIP TeT Blake7
> Senior Executive Director: Directions
> Move/Change
> PeopleSoft
> The Pretend Family
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James W.
Hypergame Ltd

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