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Fri May 6 09:48:15 GMT 2011

just checking, am I still fired? 

Formerly Head of Cleaning

On 6 May 2011, at 10:46, Giles wrote:

> I'd like to take this opporttunity to welcome back everyone who took
> almost all of last month off. It was lovely to enjoy so many bank
> holidays and sunshine, etc.
> However it's time to get back to work! Those costs won't bring
> themselves down by themselves.
> You might notice a few changes while exploring the building today. As
> part of our new Big Office strategy, there is no longer a library. All
> the library staff have been sacked and the library annexe is being
> used as a rather nice new meeting room.
> However, that does not mean the end of the library! Certainly not! Our
> existing archive of Pretend archive material, research documents, and
> PowerPoints and Words is still available for all staff to use. Instead
> of asking the library staff to search it on your behalf, you will have
> to search it yourself. That's the only difference between the old and
> new systems.
> Because there is no longer a library, the library stock has been
> divided up among filing cabinets around the building. No record has
> been kept of which files are in which cabinet, but this problem can be
> easily overcome by "crowd-saucing" the information we need.
> In future, when you wish to make a library request, all you have to do
> is make your way through the building asking people if they have seen
> the documents you wish to read in any of the filing cabinets on their
> level / in their Profit-Unit. If all of us take a few minutes to check
> our nearby filing cabinets now, and memorise their contents, we can
> ensure a smooth and efficient library service for all staff for meny
> years to come.
> Further changes as part of Big Office will be announced soon,
> including a distributed accounts/finance/payments system.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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