[Everyone] Re: Security alery

James W.
Mon Jan 24 16:38:10 GMT 2011

No, 'fluffykins' is my reminder to phone my cleaner and tell her to feed  
my cat.

I've been reminded of my password now (thanks, Cat!)


On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 16:27:17 -0000, Giles   

> I've seen a Post-It note on your screen with something like "fluffykins"
> written on it. Is that it?
> Or do you use your bank PIN number? I've heard that quite a few people do
> that.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
> On 24 January 2011 16:21, James W.  wrote:

James W.
Director, Hypergame Ltd
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