Mon Jan 17 09:47:16 GMT 2011

Fellow Activists for Equality,

the time has comed for the annual Pretend Equality Audit. This Audit
will be conducted in the scruprilous manner and is being conducted to
insure that Pretend confirms to all existing and possible future
Equality Legislation.

Results will be published later this year, as part of Pretend's
Equality Matrix. This will probably take the form of an Excel,
although we have yet to confirm this and will be holding some meetings
to decide the final format in the coming months. It might end up being
a Powerpoint with an Excel inside it, obviously.

To allow us to engage with you effectively on this project, we would
ask you to study the following questionnarire and return your answers
as soon as possible or immediately.

1. Do you feel you are treated Equally?

2. Are you a woman?

3. Are you homosexual or gay?

4. Are you white or black or another colour of skin?

5. Are you older than 35?

5. Having completed this survey, do you feel MORE or LESS Equal than
when you started it?

(Staff you answer "MORE" will be entered into a prize draw to win
Lothar's cousin's collection of original Marillion LPs - for younger
staff, this is a retro kind of iPod that will make you look cool.)

Please complete this survey immediately.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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