[Everyone] New Timesheets System

Mon Feb 14 14:47:49 GMT 2011

Lack of timesheet-filling is an ongoing issue and needs to be addressed as
soon as possible.

Therefore, during the Timesheets Action Brainstorm held in Ken Loach last
week, the following new system was devised.

The entire Timesheets system will be "gamified" to make it fun and
interesting. All staff will fill in their timesheets as part of the game,
and the winner will be the employee with the most "points". (Note: working
more hours does not automatically mean earning more points.)

The game will be played like this:

- A Timesheet will be re-named a "Battle Zone". For example, the spreadsheet
formerly known as "Timesheet Employee Surname A-G Full Time Equivalents
Level 2" will be renamed "CAVERN OF DEATH".

- To earn points, staff will have to Battle "Xombies" and "Erg-motes". These
are represented as empty spaces in the spreadsheet.

- To win a battle, Staff (or "Quest-makers" as they will be henceforwardly
known) must enter a valid integer not exceeding their quota of FTE
Work-Hours/Day, and a Client Code. We hope to re-name Client Codes as
"Spells" in the near future, but as of now we have not had sign-off from the
Client Code Action Desk, so for the time being they will continue to be
known as Client Codes.

- Having done so and saved the document back to the Q: drive, the
Quest-Maker earns Manna, and may proceed to the next level.

- The Quest-Maker with the most Manna at the end of the week will be given a
book token, and may wear the "Quest-Maker Of The Week" helmet all day on
Friday, including during Crackerjack, which in turn will be re-named "THE

We think Quest-Makers will enjoy this system of casting Client Codes and
battling Xombies in order to keep track of their billable hours.

Any questions, please see your Zone Caption (soon to be renamed

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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