[Everyone] Re: We are all Mates now

Wed Feb 9 15:09:30 GMT 2011

A friend of mine showed me how to do this the other day: 


If you stare at it for a while a face appears.  If you don’t get it try focusing your eyes through the picture.

We should add one of these to emails. Here’s how you make one:

Type two full stops on top of each other then add a dash then half a bracket. 




From:   On Behalf Of Giles
Sent: 09 February 2011 14:34
To: Everyone in the office
Subject: [Everyone] We are all Mates now


As of henceforward, all staff are "Mates". When addressing your superiors, you should address them as "Mate". The same applies if you are addressing your inferiors also. 


Please ensure all emails are signed off using phrases like "Best, mate" or "Cheers mate". 


This is in order to ensure that Pretend presents an outfacing "Happy" face to clients/partners/suppliers/shareholders.


Kind regards



Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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