[Everyone] Memo: Remember, we are creative PROfessionals

Thu Feb 3 13:50:24 GMT 2011

There's been too much talk recently about poor performance, lack of
pitch-win scenarios, and falling profits, staff numbers, and morale.

Nothing could be father from the truth.

Pretend is going FULL STEAM AHEAD into 2011 and has already won two pitches,
only one of which was to a member of Lothar's extended family.

Rumours have been spreading about lack of creativity in our iDeation and
cReation departments. Again, this is silly.

We are "Creative" "Professionals", almost certainly among the best in the
field that we're in.

We "Create" more "Professionally" than our rivals.

Henceforward, we shall adopt this as a new company mottow: "Pretend Office -
We Define ProCreate."

Or perhaps: "Pretend Office: We ProCreate Better Than The Rest."

Chin chin, heads up, stomachs in, as my old headmaster used to say just
before beatings on a Friday.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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