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Thu Feb 3 10:53:23 GMT 2011


Due to global financial meltdown, Government cuts, and the need to pay our
shareholders their dividends this year, some of our biggest projects are
going to have to be cut down.

Management understand that team members might be disappointed to learn that
project assets they have spent weeks or months building are to be deleted
and/or shredded and entered into the Closed Project Assets spreadsheet (at
F:Shared Files\Documents and Files\Files\2000\Recession Materials\Level 3
Only\Recession Materials\Closed Proj Assets.xls) - but at least it's better
than being sacked or losing your job, ha ha!!

Details of project cuts are as follows:

* The e-books project will be stripped of the "books" elements. It will
continue as simply the "e-" project.

* The Customers Count project will henceforward just be the Count Project,
and will be transferred to Finance, where there is already staff expertise
in this area.

* The New Products, New Services, New Profits project will be re-allocated
to HR and re-named Staff Contacts Spreadsheet.

* Our Games division will be trimmed of designers, managers, coders, and
developers; all Games projects will be re-allocated to I.T., where there are
several staff who understand Flash anyway.

Other project cuts are being looked at and will be announced as and when.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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