[Everyone] Fancy Dress

Mon Dec 5 10:15:59 GMT 2011

Hi all,

The moment you've all been waiting for! The recession-busting fancy dress theme for this year's Christmas Party is "OIL AND OLIGARCHS". Come dressed as an Arabian Prince or your favourite Russian Oligarch!!

I'm not sure what women should wear - the Christmas Committee will deal with the details - but at least you know now what to think about in your free time! (Maybe a sexy Russian Oligarch's wife, or a woman from a harem? Just some ideas!!!)

Please note, that after the "urchin incident" at last year's "Victorian Christmas" party, anyone coming to the "Oil And Oligarchs" party dressed as exploited far-eastern or African labour will not be admitted. Christmas is a time for fun and receiving gifts, not a time for making "political" points about the so-called "oppressed"!!


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