[Everyone] Crackerjack

Fri Apr 1 09:29:40 GMT 2011

Now that Pretend is a start-up, it is important that we adopt more
start-uppy activities and behaviours in our working environment.

Consequently, Crackerjack will henceforwardly start at 4.30pm on a
Friday, not 5pm. This is to allow more time for social networking on
the physical level in f2f relationships with co-workees, who will
henceforwardly be known as "co-team"

This is not an excuse to not fill in timesheets, however. Timesheets
are still an essential part of business function even for start-ups.

Also, as well as Lambrusco and Carlsberg, the company will be
providing hummus and crisps at Crackerjack.

We will be asking co-team to nominate their ideas for start-up
projects. You may like to suggest:

- creating a search engine
- a web portal
- an "App" that allows people to reach the search engine and/or web portal
- a vortal
- a vlog

Other ideas are welcome. Please put them into the Ideas Box next to the hummus.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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