[Everyone] Re: Ripoff bastards

Wed Oct 6 14:55:54 GMT 2010

Wait, is Email working again now?

Phil, did you get this?

I've just been using my Internet since email went down. Assuming Email is
back up, please can everyone send in their timesheets for the last three
months ASAP!!!!!!! because

On 6 October 2010 15:38, James W.  wrote:

> Do you remember that crew that came down from Electric Works in Sheffield
> at the start of 2009 for two days of on-site intrafacing? The ones with the
> laser tape-measures they kept flashing everywhere?
> I've just seen this: http://electric-works.net/about/helter-skelter and
> it's pretty clear that when they said they wanted to learn about navigating
> the highs and lows of our corporate culture, they weren't talking about the
> extra-deluxe Crackerjack that Phil sanctioned for them.
> Note the sarcastic use of 'permanent' in the sentence 'the only permanent
> helter skelter in a UK office'. It was ONE loose bolt. ONE.
> Phil, can you ask legal to get on this?
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