[Everyone] Ripoff bastards

James W.
Wed Oct 6 14:38:44 GMT 2010

Do you remember that crew that came down from Electric Works in Sheffield  
at the start of 2009 for two days of on-site intrafacing? The ones with  
the laser tape-measures they kept flashing everywhere?

I've just seen this: http://electric-works.net/about/helter-skelter and  
it's pretty clear that when they said they wanted to learn about  
navigating the highs and lows of our corporate culture, they weren't  
talking about the extra-deluxe Crackerjack that Phil sanctioned for them.

Note the sarcastic use of 'permanent' in the sentence 'the only permanent  
helter skelter in a UK office'. It was ONE loose bolt. ONE.

Phil, can you ask legal to get on this?

VP client-faced reversioning
Pretend Office

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