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Thu Nov 18 17:15:24 GMT 2010

No need, Giles, no need!

We've taken advantage of a special It's Internet Week! promotion and  
retained a socially media agency called We're Ordinary People Just  
Like You.

They're going to lead a special compulsory weekend training session  
all about the world of the socially internet. We'll all learn about  
the twitter, the facebook and the geocities. And we'll all get a free  
copy of Microsoft's exciting PageMill software so we can make our own  
webpages. We're the WebMasters now!

All the details will be on the J drive. In the All The Details folder.

On 18 Nov 2010, at 16:51, Giles wrote:

> Apparently the Internet is like a "Virtual Library" which you can
> "visit" at any time and "borrow" books, although of course it's not
> just books - there are also photos and EVEN videos as well.
> The best bit is that when you "borrow" one of these "books", you don't
> have to return it by the return date! And there are no "fines" either.
> It's like a "Library in your Home".
> The "librarians" of this "Virtual Library" are called "webmasters",
> although it's more cool to call them "Bloggeurs". I know this because
> I've been reading "The Internet Is For Dummies" which is an excellent
> general introduction to all the important aspects of using the
> Internet, and was written by Tom Bernard-Lee, who invented computers
> and is English just like us.
> I would be delighted to give a presentationism to all staff who are
> interested in learning more about "the Internet", on which I am now
> something of an expert because all my family keep asking me about it.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
> On 18 November 2010 12:39, Phil  wrote:
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