[Everyone] Re: World Cup Sweepstake World Cup Sweepstake

Thu May 20 21:48:04 GMT 2010

Ooooh Aaaaah Cote d'Ioire!!!!!!!!!!!

On 20 May 2010, at 22:44, Russell   

> As longer-serving members of staff will know (Phil!) every four  
> years there's a tremendous battle here at Pretend to have the honour  
> of organising the World Cup Sweepstake.
> Well, this year, we've decided to simplify matters by deciding  
> who'll organise the sweepstake by drawing names out of a hat. And,  
> to add a little bit of fun, we thought we'd turn that process into a  
> World Cup themed Sweepstake.
> So, in order to enter the World Cup Sweepstake World Cup Sweepstake,  
> could you please let me know, via email, which country you'd like to  
> have represent you in the hat.
> NB - remember this is not the country you'll have in the final World  
> Cup Sweepstake. You can't choose that. The person who wins the World  
> Cup Sweepstake World Cup Sweepstake will work out how that will be  
> decided.
> Hope that's all clear.
> Let's get ready for the kick-off!
> russell
> BTW - can someone in legal talk to FIFA and check this is all pukka?  
> Come to think of it they might even like to sponsor our little  
> event, got to be good publicity for them.
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