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Tue May 11 11:25:42 GMT 2010

Hi Giles
It sounds like you have been working very hard to arrange a really positive
experience for Pretend staff this Friday. It is exactly what we need in
these times.
Can I remind you, and all staff at Pretend that any event like this requires
a RISK R555 to be completed to monitor the equal opportunity opportunities
that we offer when booking visitors. The 5 sections of this form must be on
the 5 appropriate desks 5 working days before the event. You might like to
appeal at the R555 meeting on Friday at 5pm.
Beaurocracy huh?

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For your diaries:

Our Eco-Awareness Day takes place this coming Friday. Tents will be
erected in the Arena, and inside them will be a number of activities
and visiting artisans.

Among our plans for the day:

- shitsu massage sessions from our visiting masseuwes
- kettleball balancing
- Hopi Ear Waxing
- holistic career guidance in the Cardigan Zone
- all computers will be switched off for 15 minutes out of every hour,
to remind us all to "chill out" and "relax"

The Day is being sponsored by BP. Please ensure you pick up some of
their promotional materials, which include vouchers to get a penny off
every litre of petrol when you buy more than 50 litres.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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