[Everyone] Interdepartmental Interracist Winter Olympic Games

Mon Mar 29 12:54:51 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Please sign up for at least one of tomorrows events at the Interdepartmental
Interracist Winter Olympic Games: 

Venue: Pretend Office Ice Stadium
Level 2 'Eastside'! (pls remember the lift is still wired in reverse after
this weekend's aixelsyD conference)

>From 1pm:
Racist Sledge Hammering
'Racist Pucker' ice hockey
1500m Racist Chase Race Race

N.b: The Half Pikey at 3.30 has been banned.

At 4pm we will be breaking the surface of the ice for the Synchronised
Racism competition.

Please remember that members of the public have been invited to watch. It is
therefore very extremely important that we portray ourselves as a
considerately racist company. 

Good luck everyone. Let the racist games begin!

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