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Howdy all,

James, there are many long words in this e-mail which some of our colleagues might find difficult. The information might be more usefully presented as a Powerpoint? Have you been through the introductory inductional introducing intra-office intercourse?


On 24 Mar, 2010, at 13:52, James B. wrote:

> Dear all,
> Having recently returned - with Phil - from the Travis County International Solutions Conference, I've been noticing the effects of jet lag, and have been researching the impact of this on working practices during my 3am "wakefulness breaks".
> Evans, A., Elliott, A. and Gorman, R., in "Dim nighttime illumination accelerates adjustment to timezone travel in an animal model" (Current Biology 19 (4), Feb 2009) note that light levels can positively effect a speedier return to the local circadian rhythm. Admittedly, the study focuses mostly on hamsters, but I thought I might suggest that Pretend establish a series of "time rooms" in which light levels are adjusted for employees recently returned from different time zones. Properly calculated movement through these rooms in the days following long-haul travel should greatly increase productivity - as well as, in a double benefit, implementing all the benefits of hot desking, as previously discussed.
> As a relatively new employee of Pretend, could anyone with more experience suggest where on campus we could trial these "time rooms"?
> Alternatively, a more simple suggestion might be the implementation of "Pretend Time", a form of universal (or internet) time, whereby all Pretend employees, no matter where they are colocated, operate according to the same "time". Following the useful example given by the Swatch corporation of Biel, Switzerland, a decimalised time unit - fixed on the Pretend meridian running through head office - would enable all employees to arrange meetings and conference calls, book rooms for visiting guests, and meet worldwide deadlines, without fear of common time-based errors - or suffering from jet lag when visiting other Pretend offices in different time zones.
> I myself will from now on be operating on "Pretend Time" (PT), as a form of guinea pig (or, following Messrs Evans, Elliott & Gorman, experimental Golden hamster) for new Pretend time practices, pending approval. I'll let you know how it goes!
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