[Everyone] FURTHER WARNING: Austin Powerpoint

Sun Mar 14 01:12:31 GMT 2010

Further to my earlier announcement, I have been informed that the
digital crimelord "Austin Powerpoint" has either "identity thefted" a
team member, or is engaged in "social engineering", a dangerous new
form of hacking that I was led to believe may involve the Pretend
Company Twitter.

We expect an update from US authorities before the weekend is over,
and while I do not want to jeopardise an ongoing operation in a state
of data vulnerability, arrests may be imminent. However, as part of
our data audit, we will be temporarily revoking the identities of
anyone caught up in this hacking, and asking all team members to
confirm with their outside contacts that their identities have not
been thefted over the weekend. Any team members left without
identities will, of course, be issued new ones once the audit is

Thank you again for your attention and co-operation on this serious
matter. To ensure ongoing security, I have disconnected myself from
the Pretend Company network until the audit is complete; any internal
communications should be passed to me through word of mouth to my
personal assistant Kevina, to whom this message has been dictated; her
situation room will be operating out of Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
while I remain in an undisclosed location.

Senior Strategic Actualization Coordinator / Acting Data Integrity Integrator
Consort Building x2017

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