[Everyone] WARNING: Austin Powerpoint

Sat Mar 13 22:17:18 GMT 2010

It has been brought to the attention of senior management that Pretend
Company may be subject to an ongoing internet crime hacker attempt,
based in Texas, USA.

This attempted hacker goes by the "handle" of "Austin Powerpoint",
which we believe is a computer-tech play on words on the fictional
character "Austin Powers", a supposedly British spy played by a
Canadian who lives in America. This reflects the nature of their
internet crimes, which involve Canadian fugitives in remote parts of
the US violating the data-integrity of British institutions.

We were alerted of our vulnerability to Austin Powerpoint this morning
thanks to sources that we cannot divulge openly. What we can say is
that the appropriate international authorities have been notified, and
we're assured that the FBI is close to apprehending the culprits.

Weekend staff have already been informed to disconnect all
non-essential computers from the Pretend Office network using the
scissors provided. A full audit for any missing data will proceed in
due course. Your assistance in identifying any data that might have
gone missing is appreciated.

Senior Strategic Actualization Coordinator
Consort Building x2017

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