[Everyone] Link policy for Internet e-LINKS

Wed Mar 10 11:44:48 GMT 2010

It has come to our attention that Internet sites are wantonly creating
e-LINKS to the Pretend Office web site without permission. Even more
shocking, some of those e-LINKS have been deliberately LINKED to
internal pages of the site, deliberately buy-passing the Pretend
Office Home Page Portal.

This outrageous behaviour must be stamped out.

All links to all Pretend Office website internet pages must be made
ONLY with written approved permission from the e-LINK Minotoring Team
which has been re-housed in Evan Davies. The Team can provide anyone
who asks (using the appropriate forms) with all the necessary
paperwork required for creating a safe, secure, legal,
standards-compliant and Pretend Office approved internet e-LINK into
the Pretend webspace.

This applies to all existing pages on the Pretend web site, so those
of you in IT who are responsible for them (I seem to remember Lothar's
nephew had a hand in building the site for us - does anyone know how
to contact his Facebook?) please take note and respond accordingerly.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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