[Everyone] Documentary

Tue Mar 2 11:06:21 GMT 2010

All staff,

Film maker Horney Gold has contacted me regarding the excellent footage
captured by our hidden washroom cameras which is currently on YouTube. I
have agreed to let her borrow this weeks tapes so that she can spend the
weekend editing them into a fly on the wall type documentary. I am a little
concerned from studying the tapes to date, that many staff don't seem to
smile much when using the washrooms which may promote us in a bad light.
Horney says this is a great opportunity to let our target audience know what
we do best, so please make sure you show how much you are enjoying your
washroom experience. Horney's team will be installing microphones today so
please make clear positive comments about your washroom experience, for
example: 'ooo, the soap is so nice and creamy' or 'that looks so nice I just
want to sit on it'.

I'll let you know where and when copies are available to purchase.



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