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Wed Jun 23 11:36:36 GMT 2010

Giles and co,

The Get With It / What Was It? / What On Earth Was That? / Don't Even Think
About It / What will it be? / What could it be? ideas are excellent. Please
count me in as a representative of RISK. However if there's any change to
the planned drinks and pastries I'd be grateful if you could let me know in
good time.


(RISK: Black and white with no grey areas)

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Fellow carbon-emission reducers,

Starting next week, there will be weekly Get With It meetings in the
Lower Conversatory.

A Get With It meeting is an opportunity for the whole team to assemble
and discuss what's planned for the week ahead. All staff must be in
attendance; pastries and hot drinks will be provided (for a small

There will also be new What Was It? meetings on Friday afternoons.
These are also mandatory for all staff. They provide a useful
co-bracketing arrangement with the Get With It meetings, whereby team
activators can re-access what has been done during the week.  Pastries
and hot drinks will be provided (for a small fee).

It is hoped that between the Get With It and What Was It? meetings,
there will be improved staff productivity and more pitch-win
scenarios, replacing the run of disappointing pitch-lose situations
that have cropped up recently.

If the meetings are a success (which they will be), we may introduce a
How's It Going So Far? meeting on Wednesday lunchtime.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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