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Wed Jun 23 09:59:57 GMT 2010

Hi all,

In co-synchronization with the Get With It / What Was It initiative, Visioning Management will be holding regular "What Will It Be?" foresight roundtables in an effort to forecast the forthcoming opportunities and threats impending the company. These lightning sessions will last only five hours and will event in Faith Popcorn's inner carriageway. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcements of the next session to which all staff colleague members are invitationed.

Naturally and obviously we will also be running an ongoing in parallel "What Could it Be?" visioning program that intakes all associates in an ongoing henceforward methodology for the foreseeable future (no pun intended!!).

This is already manifesting and you may have already noticed the new VisionWay input screen when you logged in to your computers this morning. We will be asking you up to one question via this technologies every day in an effort to collaboratively envision an synthesis of our cohort's idealised futures to aid in the foresight strategy taking us forward.

Please be ensured that your responses to these questions will remain entirely private and will not be shared outside of the small VisionWay synthesis teamette, the Visioning Management department, the Executive Management Board Council, the providers of the the VisionWay software, certain select clients, the monthly Visioning e-mailouts sent to representatives of our field, and readers of our internet web site. 


On 23 Jun, 2010, at 10:25, Giles wrote:

> Fellow carbon-emission reducers,
> Starting next week, there will be weekly Get With It meetings in the
> Lower Conversatory.
> A Get With It meeting is an opportunity for the whole team to assemble
> and discuss what's planned for the week ahead. All staff must be in
> attendance; pastries and hot drinks will be provided (for a small
> fee).
> There will also be new What Was It? meetings on Friday afternoons.
> These are also mandatory for all staff. They provide a useful
> co-bracketing arrangement with the Get With It meetings, whereby team
> activators can re-access what has been done during the week.  Pastries
> and hot drinks will be provided (for a small fee).
> It is hoped that between the Get With It and What Was It? meetings,
> there will be improved staff productivity and more pitch-win
> scenarios, replacing the run of disappointing pitch-lose situations
> that have cropped up recently.
> If the meetings are a success (which they will be), we may introduce a
> How's It Going So Far? meeting on Wednesday lunchtime.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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