[Everyone] Motivational Memo (MEMO)

Tue Jun 15 11:26:06 GMT 2010

Fellow team-force,

I have written the following Motivational Memo as a blog, to make it easier
to read. Please read it immediately, and let me know your comments at next
week's Motivation Activation Resource Meetings (Internet) Team Enterprise

The plan is to collate comments and publish this blog on the Pretend blog
within the next 3 (three) working months.


1. Work harder! Not working hard is nonsensical. It is also the opposite of
minimalism, and we all want to be minimalismists don't we? Not working is
like clutter and mess. Working is zen and clean. If you work harder, your
desk will be neater and less messy, and therefore so will everything else in
your life.

2. Arrive earlier. If you arrive in the office earlier than your allotted
Shift Rotation Commencement Time, you get a chance to do more work. By the
time your official working hours begin, you have already done lots of work
and can feel good about yourself and your Quota Of Targets. Then you have
more time to begin the next Quota.

3. Book more meetings. Meetings are the essential lifespace of work; without
meetings, none of us would be able to decide anything, or design internet
websites. Please discuss your requirements with your Departmental Meeting
Facilitator if you feel there's anything that could be done to improve
meetings, or bring about more meetings. (You will need to book a meeting for
this discussion to take place - a perfect example of the simplicity and
efficiency of the meetings system, I'm sure you will all agree!!).

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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