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Date: 10 June 2010 12:44
Subject: [Everyone] Thursday Blues
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Steve -

Look, I'm really sorry. I know how you felt about Tim and if I could take
back the things I said and did, I would.

When you first introduced me to Tim at that thing, I didn't think that much
of it. But when we kept bumping into each other - at Gino's, at the market,
outside your house - well, I started to think about him a lot more. I wasn't
expecting to get the job at Caldwell's - I just applied on the off-chance -
but it was such a nice surprise to find him working there too.

He's a funny one, isn't he? He was very quiet when I first arrived at
Caldwell's - surprised to see me, I suppose. I mean, it was a big move, to
take a job - and a pay cut - in a different city, in an entirely different
career. But then, something about it just really called out to me. It's not
really Caldwell's itself - I mean, retail polybag buying isn't exactly
glamorous, not compared to A&R - but the ethos of the company. The people.

Perhaps Tim told you a bit about how things at Caldwell's didn't really
work, but he was really kind to me, personally, about it. He was the one who
told me I had to leave, not Caldwell himself. I think that's when we really
started to bond. I had to get the new job here but I still wanted to keep in
touch with him. That's why I moved into number 43.

It's been so lovely living next door to the two of you. The conversations
over the fence, the sitting on the step - well, me sitting on your step -
hanging out in the park, walking to the shops, and back. But the high point
was probably our holiday in Malta. I'll never forget your faces when I came
down to breakfast that morning. And you were so sweet about insisting I
should enjoy it for myself, but really my best memories are of the taverna
on the Dingli cliffs where you danced, that little beach below Ġnejna where
I caught you two - you know - and, of course, the train home from the
airport when Tim said he believed the two of you would always have me

After all of those wonderful times, I'm as shattered as you are about Tim
deciding to leave the country. And I know I said some hurtful, terrible
things in the bar last night, but there were some home truths in there, I
think. That manager made a terrible fuss about me bringing in those extra
chairs to sit with you, and perhaps you were over-protective of Tim, but you
shouldn't blame yourself for his going. After all the times we've shared, I
hope *we* can still be friends.

Yours, with love,

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