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Mon Jul 26 23:01:58 GMT 2010

Hi Phil,

I've looked into this for you.

A coffee questionnaire went round last week when we were on safari.
Apparently, as there were no 'strong' and 'strong/medium' drinkers in today
all machines were turned down to medium by Mitzmi. He's turning them up to
'strong/medium' between 9 and 11 tomorrow and to 'strong' by Thursday for
when the two Pretend Office staff from Milan arrive.

Fez will be covering Mitzmi's duties while he's doing this so anyone with
'critical' tickets should go straight to Fez so as not to delay the coffee
strength changes. We have got two agency staff in to cover Fez for the rest
of the week.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this money saving initiative. I see
from your timesheets that you put in a lot of overtime which is very

One final thing Phil, Ron in accounts really does do taxidermy and is happy
to get our Trophies on display by Thursday next week. He did say yours will
be fiddly but he'll give it a go.

Nice to be back!

Paul xxx

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Hi all,

Please note, the coffee from the machine on the 3rd floor (TWO), near the
grotto, is weaker than usual today.


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