[Everyone] FAO all HolColSol: Mandatory seminar upcoming

Wed Jan 27 10:18:05 GMT 2010

Good morning everyone,

In line with the new 'Social Means Business' initiative, all staff will be
required to attend a trans-corporate videoconference on Twitter from 9.30 to
11 on Monday 1st Feb. HolColSol Tier 1 will be installed in the
Maxi-Freshness Suite, with Tier 2 in Stephanie Beacham* and all other Tiers
in the Lecture Zone. This seminar is extremely important and it is NOT
OPTIONAL, so go immediately to the system this morning, register for 'Twit
With Appropriate Tone' and add reminders to all your calendars. On the day
you must bring your coffee, thought-collection materials and prescription
medications in with you as once you are in your assigned room you will not
be permitted to leave until you have signed the Declaration of Compliance at
the end of the vidconfinar.

On a related note, due to a member of staff sending an unacceptable at (@)
remark to my Twitter I was forced to erase it and start again. The new page
is on twitter.com/PO_Jen, and I trust that after Monday's vidconfinar you
will all be able to speak to it with professionalism. In the meantime, if
you have any queries about appropriate content I have a few one-to-one slots
available this week, please contact Hazel.


Senior Solutioning Facilitator, Holistic and Collaborative [Tiers 1 - 3
(odd) and 4 (all)]

* To maximise the potential of my vote I have been advised to include STEPH
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