[Everyone] Washroom Monitoring Week (week 2)

Sun Jan 24 20:50:44 GMT 2010

Just a quick reminder that this week is week two of Washroom Monitoring

Thank you all very much for your involvement last week and congratulations
to Maintaining Appearances for keeping your toilet paper usage down to 0.8
sheets per person for the week. Management and Corporate Resourcing took up
the rear with 3.6 rolls per person. I will be asking Maintaining Appearances
to lead a session on toilet roll usage later in the year. 

Week two of Washroom Monitoring Week is all about how to avoid making a mess
in your department's washroom and, if a mess is made, how you can clear up
by yourself. It is important that we all recognise the signs of mess and
know how to minimise its impact on the success of Pretend Office. 

Washroom Monitoring Week (week 2) starts in the lecture theatre at 10am with
talks and demonstrations by leading experts in the washroom cleanliness
field. All staff are expected to attend. Incoming calls will be diverted to
PO US where callers will be encouraged to have a nice day.

After coffee 11am (using water from our recycling sewer water trials), we
will break into working parties to share our washroom experiences. Please
bring something of interest from your department's washroom for discussion.

After lunch, between 1 and 2, we have a limited number of one to one
sessions available. If you would like to discuss number ones and twos in a
one to one between 1 and 2 please let me know. We only have one or two one
to one sessions available between 1 and 2 so priority will be given to the
one or two people who require one the most.

By the end of the week I aim to be able to minimise washroom mess by 50%,
allowing me to begin the process of laying off WISE staff. Not only will
this save PO money, it will hopefully also increase my end of year bonus and
ensure funds are available to improve the quality of washroom facilities in
all departments, making it awkward for people to complain about the level of
my bonus.

Further information about the rest of the week will follow, but please
remember to bring your boots on Tuesday for the competition. 

Wishing you an enjoyable and educational Washroom Monitoring Week (week 2)


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