[Everyone] MEMO: Competency Assessment Questionaire Self-Assessment Programme 2010

Mon Jan 18 10:18:05 GMT 2010

Fellow skills-management assessment directives,

The efficient and agile development and maintenance of our products,
services and products is best secured with continuously planning and
developing our competences, skills and core agilities. Since the
beginning of 2008 various different assessments have been used to
first discover the competence base in our diverse organization, and
further on to expand the use of these tools to generate dialogue
between functions, businesses and development platforms. This, of
course, should be evident to all concerned and I need not explain it
any further.

That said, the competency assessments have become an essential
planning element in the organization. We use them in order to
understand the development and resourcing needs of all departments,
particularly Executive Account Execution, and also to start guiding
the communities about the most important development areas, from a
global perspective. This incorporated with the individual development
plans provides the desired continuum, from the business targets to
individual growth. No doubt many of you will have spotted this trend
during the recent one-to-one Empowerment For All phaseGroup Event.

The competency assessment questions have been updated, including
competences from the reference technologies. We are also leveraging a
more focused approach in certain job roles, and at the same time
through the standardizing the core group of questions, focusing on the
environments and the benchmarking roles within.

The results of the assessment are used for site profiling and
individual and team level development purpose. Please look for the
competency assessment instructions letter that will arrive later today
your mailbox, and take few moments to go through this list of
competences, making a self-evaluation of your level of knowledge and
experience in the question areas.

The deadline for completing the assessment is TOMORROW, 2010 and it
takes about 15 minutes to complete it.

The data we will get from this assessment is extremely valuable for us
to help build-identify where we have strengths in expertise and where
we need to build new skills. Data will be collated in an Excell which
will later be shared with all staff of relevent experience and with
suitable skillsuits.

Thank you in advance for your attention and support in help to achieve
the goals of this important initiative.

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4) (Operational Status) (Level 2)
(Actual functionation-pod location)

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