[Everyone] Mugs / Giles

Mon Jan 18 09:11:28 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I thought I was over the whole "mug problem" this morning, armed with my takeout Starbucks but right now is when I'd be making my way to the executive level coffee machine with my own mug.

(I'll let you all into a secret of coffee drinking success: When it comes to mugs, "Paper at eight-a, china at nine-a"!)

Thankfully, while I was replenishing my supply of Sharpie markers just now, someone used my computer to open a certain internet on my screen. Hopefully this code will let you see the same internet: http://twitter.com/PretendGiles/status/7802555547

Giles, please see your line-manager's supervisor's mentor's superior at once. Please note that such DESTRUCTIVE behaviour results in an automatic downgrade by 1 Level.


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