[Everyone] FWD: FWD: FWD: From my GP MUST READ!!!!

Thu Jan 7 13:11:34 GMT 2010

Never sure if these things are true or just virals. But anyhooo.

 >>>This just came in from my GP. Please read and forward to everyone  
you love and care for dearly. Take care xxxxxx

 >>>Parents should encourage their children to play out in the snow  
and enjoy fresh air and exercise but take sensible precautions to  
avoid injury, a leading GP said today... rather than leaving their  
children sat in front of a computer console, parents should use the  
playful appeal of sledging, snowman building and snowball fights to  
give their children a taste for the open air, said Professor Steve  
Field, chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
He said: "There is no doubting the appeal of snow to adults and  
children. For some children, the snow will give them their only  
exercise outside of school PE lessons and it might just give them the  
taste for playing out in the open air more often."
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