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Thu Dec 2 20:23:07 GMT 2010

Can we try any other dimensions to get round this 3D legal issue? Some sort
of spinning in some dimension would certainly add just the right sort of
"spark" we need.

I'll talk to the desigers again as soon as one of them calls me back. I'm
assuming they're snowed in, although I could have sworn they said before
that they work from home.

I know they love having us as a client because they always laugh when I call
them up with a new list of changes to whatever it is we've asked them to do.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

On 2 December 2010 19:43, Cat  wrote:

> There may be some legal issues vis a vis 3D spinning with reference to last
> month's private client epilepsy suite brought against pretend office. Risky
> Paul has the paperwork. I'm off to ski home.
> Cat
> Legal Eagles
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> I'll ask the designers to add more 3D spinning.
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