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I presume you mean Kings Lynn? Why was Lother going to Kings Lynn? And why new logos? All a bit fishy. I’m going to hand in my notice before I get the boot.


Paul R 


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Fellow strivers for accountability in adverse market(ing) conditions;


there has been some discussion in Client-Visioning about the Pretend LOGO. Perhaps it's time we re-breanded and desgined a new logo? One that better reflects Pretend's position as a leading player in the field that it's in, and will do more to ensure pitch-win scenarios in the crucially important final financial quarter as we approach the Festival Season.


Attached is a Word that has some designs we have made all by ourselves here in Clinet-Visioning. We challenge you to do better! (We're pretty proud of these ones, I can tell you, and Lothar has even nodded his head in approval as he walked past on the way to Loretta Lynn!!!)



Kind regards



Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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