[Everyone] Re: Gmail and Email

James W.
Thu Aug 5 23:07:06 GMT 2010

I can't answer your question, Paul, but I have noticed that every time I  
try to type the word "shedule" into the Microft Internet on my computer it  
gets automatically changed to "shemail", which is a thing I've not come  
across before. Some research with the Google shows that shemail is broadly  
compatible with most formats and looks like a regular email, but with a  
hidden toolset.

I think it's connected to XML, which I have heard of.

Also is there anyone called "Dick Girls" working for us? Perhaps in  
another office? I get a lot of shemails for him.

James W.
VP Client-Faced Transmedia Reversioning
Pretend Office

On Thu, 05 Aug 2010 10:29:51 +0100, Paul  

> Can someone let me know if this message is an email, Email or Gmail  
> please.
> Paul RISK
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