[Everyone] Gmail and Email

Wed Aug 4 17:51:53 GMT 2010

It has come to the attention of the CorpExec Internal Technology Committee
that some staff are using Gmail.

Please note that only Email is permitted for official Pretend use, and use
of any other forms of mail (which may well be incompatible) is forbidden.
Gmail itself is untested on our system, and could harbour all sorts of
harmful malawares. And anyway, people using Gmail risk cutting themselves
off from the rest of the team who have stuck with officially sanctioned

If you are using Gmail, please switch your account to Email as soon as
possible. Staff in the IT department might be able to convert your Gmail
messages to Email messages if you contact them in good time, but please
remember that their time is our money too, and they will only be able to do
this in a few more serious cases.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)
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