[Everyone] Re: Fwd: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today

Thu Apr 22 09:17:27 GMT 2010

More to the pointedly, who is this mysterious Mr McAfee, and why is
his first name both Gavin and Paul?

I suspicious that this is one of those notorious "418" scams from
Nigeria. Do not reply to the email, because if you do they will have
access to your bank accounts and your Amazon password.

I also think we should all reboot our computers immediately, as a
precautionary measurement.

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

On 22 April 2010 08:42, Ben  wrote:
> Did anyone else get this? Is it spam?
> Can I reboot my machine or not????!!!!
> Subject: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today
> We became aware of an issue late yesterday which potentially could affect
> all laptops and desktop PCs. Our anti virus vendor McAFee released an update
> with an error in it which incorrectly identified a virus. They remediated
> this promptly with a further update to stop this happening.
> However our automated update process for McAfee did push out the update with
> an error to a number of machines before the later one was also distributed
> to all machines.
> It is possible a small number of PCs may reboot and then start up
> incorrectly. If you get this please contact Gavin, Paul and myself and we
> have a fix we can apply immediately.
> To help us limit the number of machines affected please do NOT reboot your
> PCs until further notice.
> Many thanks for your co-operation and patience in helping us with this.
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