[Everyone] Fwd: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today

Thu Apr 22 08:42:39 GMT 2010

Morning Ben and all,

Pls note that the potential spam email below refers to Paul SHIT (Senior
Head of IT) not me (Paul RISK). I'm taking the phone off the hook and going
to Wellness for an hour.

I wish all of you a very nice day. 




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Subject: [Everyone] Fwd: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today


Did anyone else get this? Is it spam?


Can I reboot my machine or not????!!!!


Subject: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today

We became aware of an issue late yesterday which potentially could affect
all laptops and desktop PCs. Our anti virus vendor McAFee released an update
with an error in it which incorrectly identified a virus. They remediated
this promptly with a further update to stop this happening.
However our automated update process for McAfee did push out the update with
an error to a number of machines before the later one was also distributed
to all machines.
It is possible a small number of PCs may reboot and then start up
incorrectly. If you get this please contact Gavin, Paul and myself and we
have a fix we can apply immediately.
To help us limit the number of machines affected please do NOT reboot your
PCs until further notice.

Many thanks for your co-operation and patience in helping us with this.


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