[Everyone] Fwd: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today

Thu Apr 22 07:42:22 GMT 2010

Did anyone else get this? Is it spam?

Can I reboot my machine or not????!!!!

> Subject: URGENT - Potential Issue with PCs Today
> We became aware of an issue late yesterday which potentially could  
> affect all laptops and desktop PCs. Our anti virus vendor McAFee  
> released an update with an error in it which incorrectly identified  
> a virus. They remediated this promptly with a further update to stop  
> this happening.
> However our automated update process for McAfee did push out the  
> update with an error to a number of machines before the later one  
> was also distributed to all machines.
> It is possible a small number of PCs may reboot and then start up  
> incorrectly. If you get this please contact Gavin, Paul and myself  
> and we have a fix we can apply immediately.
> To help us limit the number of machines affected please do NOT  
> reboot your PCs until further notice.
> Many thanks for your co-operation and patience in helping us with  
> this.
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