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Fri Apr 16 10:29:30 GMT 2010

hey Phil,

Great. You didn't miss anything important on email.

One thing you should know - while you were 'out' there were a number  
of policy changes agreed with Lothar and X-COM.

One was that the creation of VIsioning/Marketeering Presentations are  
now the responsibility of the people who asked for them. Lothar's  
looking forward to seeing you at 5 and I'm eager to hear how it goes.

A second was that senior staff (ie those with over 5 years continuous  
employment) are now granted Fridays as 'working from home days'. Which  
I'm sure you'll agree is a fantastic initiative. I believe it was  
designed to prevent much needed employess being tempted away to join  
the government. Just think - in only 5 years you'll be able to take  
advantage of this too. What a shame about those couple of days break  
you had.

There are other new policies, I'm sure they'll become clear over time.

Welcome Back!


On 16 Apr 2010, at 11:17, Phil wrote:

> Hi all,
> Russ, many thanks for the warm greeting! Unfortunately my emails  
> were cut off when I left the company as per company policy and I  
> have only started to pick them up again this morning! It's nice to  
> know I was missed in my breif absence.
> Note that now I'm back I will still be requiring sight of that co  
> Visioning/Marketeering presentation you've been working on before  
> end of play at the end of the day.
> Thankyou.
> On 16 Apr, 2010, at 11:04, Russell wrote:
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