[Everyone] ATTN ALL STAFF: Memo RE: Useful facts

Mon Apr 12 21:12:31 GMT 2010

Fellow agenda-setters,

The following facts are worth taking some time to absorb:

1. Most successful transformations are progressive with a 47% success
rate. Defensive ones have a rate of 34%.

2. Unsuccessful observations tend towards retrograde viscosity in the
third quarter (statistically speaking).

3. Cascading roll-play initiative-based pitching results in 24% more
secured tenders, compared with the traditional supply-and-demand
call-and-response presentationising approach.

4. Empowered staff achieve across-the-piece downstream gatewaying in
three fourths of the time needed by unempowered drones.

Food for thought, there, I'm sure we'll all agree

Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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