[Everyone] Office re-decorating

Wed Sep 16 13:24:32 GMT 2009

Fellow process-deliverable-operatives,

As you know, September is the traditional time for the redecorating of
the Pretend offices, and this September is know exception.

However in a marked contrast to previous years, this year there is a
Global Financial Crisis to deal with and therefore CorpExec has
decided that this year's decorating will be done in-house. All staff
will be required to paint their WorkSpace corridor and Functionation
Pod this coming Friday. Overalls, brushes and breathing masks will be

If you need a stepladder, please contact Alan in Height Resources.

By way of making this chore more enjoyable for all, each TeamSquad may
choose which shade of beige to use in their Work/Space, from the
following list of beige shades made available to us by the paint

- April Beige
- Frog Skin
- Hint of Dust
- Toenail Rust
- November Rain
- Always the Bridesmaid
- Chipboard Blue
- Scrap Paper Cupboard

If your Work:Space is too large to be painted with the designated
three (3) coats of emulsion in one (1) working day, please either stay
late on Friday night or come in first thing on Saturday morning to
complete the task.

As an incentive, the first three (2) teams to complete their
redecorating and hand in their overalls neatly folded will qualify for
extra cake at Friday week Crackerjack.

Note: although Friday is redecorating day, it is also a work day. All
work is to be completed as expected. No meetings must be missed. All
external phone lines must be answered. And timesheets must be handed
in by 4.45pm at the latest or you will not be paid.

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4)

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